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True happiness is to have one's passion
as a profession.
French saying

Performance profile

In any sphere figuration is needed I
submit sustainable solutions. Prepara-
tive advisement for your purposes is
made and support to straighten your aims
is given. The carrying out becomes real-
ized by using perfected methods as well
as current scientific findings.

Your ideas and presettings will be dis- cussed at great length. You gain confi- dence about the intention and the cus- tom-fit results by clarifying details in
close coordination.

To establish contact for an informal
conversation please send an e-mail to:

References in an overview of topics with
selected examples of projects and con-
tests you may find with the click here.

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Architect Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Fahnert
Diplomingenieur from TU Hanover
Member of Chamber of Architects Lower
Development proposal, urban and regional
development planner, among others with
VIVA Fahnert Ltd in Hanover, at
Staatshochbauamt Hannover I, and in the
IES Institut für Entwicklungsplanung
und Strukturforschung
Ltd as a
department of the university in Hanover

EU settlement in GERMANY at
Davenstedter Markt
Wegsfeld 42
30455 Hannover
Telephone +49(0)511/490819

Conception: Wolfgang Fahnert Jr
Implementation: Diplom-Geograph
Thomas Althaus coolking.de

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